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Impact of Natural Building Stone Vs. Precast Concrete Manufacturing on Environment

Posted May 20, 2020 by 3D Stone

It is a fact that artificial products are designed to imitate authentic products with the allure of less cost and all the aesthetics. With several types of building stone available in the market, people generally prefer buying natural building stone. It assures durability and longevity alongside the impressive look and feels which cannot be expected in faux items that are manufactured to imitate the originals.
Let us discuss the environmental impact of natural building stone and precast or concrete manufacturing.

A Quick Discussion on Natural Building Stone and its Environmental Impact

What is Upcycling and How Can You Use it in Your Remodel?

Posted March 26, 2016 by 3D Stone

Remember that faded bench you painted a bright yellow and is now your favorite spot in your yard? Think about that coffee mug on your desk. The one with the broken handle that now holds the plant your daughter gave you. And what about the old tire hanging from your backyard swing that your son refuses to share with anyone? These are all examples of upcycling.